Coatroom Tokens

Type of Token
Coatroom tokens  ensure an  organized cloakroom  and make sure you can offer a quick, efficient and impeccable service to your clients. These numbered coins are very durable so they will give you a proper and professional image. The cloakroom tokens are reusable, and that's what makes them a nice alternative for paper or cardboard. In the long run, these numbered plastic coatroom hangers will also be less expensive then paper vouchers.
From $ 0.630
Production time is 3 weeks.
We offer 5 different token colors and 2 different types of cloakroom tokens. There is a price difference between printing on white or colored tokens. As mentioned before, there are 2 different models: one with round opening (9 mm) and another one with square opening. The coat rack or hook determines which model of token should be used. durable and solid reusable organized and efficient cloakroom available in different colors available in different models
From $ 0.870
Production time is 3 weeks.